How To Become
A Certified Content Marketing Specialist
Launch Yourself As A Wealth Academy 
Certified Content Marketing Specialist
FINALLY! A Tested & Proven, Step-By-Step Formula You Can Follow To Create Premium Quality Content And Craft A Powerful Content Marketing Strategy To Reliably Convert Ice-Cold Prospects Into LOYAL BUYERS
There may have been a time when marketers and businesses could rely on blogs as their only method of delivering valuable, relevant content to their target audience.

However, since the online marketing world is constantly changing and evolving, posting an article on your blog once a week will no longer suffice.

In today's online business climate, to consistently drive qualified organic traffic, you need to go above & beyond.

You need to create a comprehensive strategy for producing and distributing quality content to your audience, on a regular basis, if you're hoping to gain their trust, educate & entertain them, and forge a strong trust-based relationship.

This is the ONLY way to predictably convert your target audience from simple website visitors to a loyal customer that will keep buying from you over and over.

And that's exactly what I'm going to show you how to do, on this page!

But first, let me tell you a bit about myself and how I went from being a “nobody” to being one of the most successful online entrepreneurs of today, with 10+ million-dollar
businesses to my name...
I Was Just An Overweight Teenager With Nothing But A Big Dream, That Nobody’s Ever Heard Of Before…
I Knew I Had To Build Credibility And Gain The Customers’ Trust In Order To Generate Sales
As obvious as it might be, I wasn’t always a hugely successful, world-renowned online marketer.

In fact, when I first started out, I was completely clueless. I thought that the “secret” to driving sales and generating a massive income was to simply push your products on potential customers until they whip out their credit card and make a purchase. 

Truth be told, I never planned to become a world-class content creator as I am today... I never planned to write thousands of blog posts, articles, and content-rich emails to my list of subscribers over the last 8+ years... 

In fact, I hated WRITING. I hated studying English in school & college. 

Yet, one of the CORE pillars of what took me from zero to over $30 Million in sales was precisely Content Marketing. 

You see back in 2009, I had tried to do all sorts of things... Being broke, frustrated and university dropout in my final year, I knew I had to make dramatic changes to create the life of my dreams and to achieve financial freedom for myself and my family…. 

here were a couple of issues though…  

I didn’t have a list to host webinars.

I didn’t even have my own products to sell. 

I didn’t have a lot of money for paid traffic. 

I had no tech experience, no business experience. 

I didn’t have any confidence, clarity or capabilities. 
By Creating Relevant, Valuable, Engaging Content That Allowed Me To Reliably Acquire Qualified Online Leads And Convert Them Into Loyal Customers… 
You see, I was pretty much forced to create the content.
I learned this the hard way, but there’s an art, science and a method to attract, connect, relate, convert and get your leads to pull out their credit card and buy your products or services…

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a $7 entry-level product, a $97 product, or a $2,000 high-ticket product… The principle is the same: 

You can’t just start pitching your products and services out of the blue… 

With fierce competition around every virtual corner, I knew I had to go above and beyond, and offer much more value than everyone else, in order to stand out and gain a competitive edge. 

After investing years and thousands of dollars to hone my skills and learn from the best of the best, I’ve realized the simple TRUTH: Customers’ behavior and their buying requirements have changed dramatically over the past decade.
The Outdated Approach Where Marketers Used To Practically Shove Products Down Your Throat Was No Longer Working
And it made perfect sense, once I took a moment to stop and think about it…
We’re constantly BOMBARDED by countless marketing messages, be it online, in our inbox, on the TV, in our local grocery store… 

With so many choices, customers can quickly become overwhelmed, so naturally, they will only buy from people and businesses whom they TRUST. 

Once I figured this out, I knew I held the KEY to online success. 

So, I started focusing my efforts into creating valuable, relevant, up-to-date content that would engage and educate my audience and showcase my knowledge and expertise, in order to earn that trust. 

As you can see, it worked like a charm! I managed to position myself as an authority in the online marketing field, gain trust of thousands of people around the world, build a loyal following, and predictably generate customers for ALL my businesses. 
AT LAST! Discover How You Can Leverage The Full Potential Of Content Marketing To Reliably Generate Qualified Leads For
Your Business .
.. Without Having to Spend
I'm sure I don't need to go out of my way to try and convince you that content marketing is an essential piece of every business' online marketing strategy.

A comprehensive content marketing strategy is critical for attracting attention of your target audience, educating & entertaining them, and piquing their interest to the point where they become red-hot leads, and eventually - repeat customers that bring in massive revenue for your business. 

That said, in order to leverage the full power of content marketing, you need to know how to:
 Overcome the "mental block"
and develop the ability to consistently generate amazing ideas, and turn them into compelling pieces of high-quality content.
Leverage the power of storytelling
and weave in your personal story into your content, so that it deeply resonates with your audience & solidifies the relationships you build
Use the power of words to grab and keep the audience's attention
Convey your message in a convincing manner, and pique their interest for your paid offer. 
Create the right type of content that will attract, engage, entertain, and nurture your leads & prospects
by providing MASSIVE value before you start pitching your products and services
Showcase your knowledge and expertise to
build credibility, position yourself as a respected authority, and instill trust
in your customers to facilitate future sales
Effectively promote your top-tier content
and How to quickly and effortlessly extend your reach and consistently drive 
qualified organic 
traffic to your website
You’ll learn how to do all this (AND MORE!) in the Wealth Academy Content Marketing Specialist Certification Course!

Put simply, content marketing is responsible for attracting new leads, nurturing them and moving them further down your sales funnel, and gradually converting them into loyal customers. 

That's why content marketing is a VITAL aspect of every successful and profitable online business. 

The problem is, having a poor content marketing strategy is just as bad as having no content at all, if not worse. 

That's where Wealth Academy steps in! 

Our Content Marketing Certification program teaches you everything you need to know about creating & delivering premium quality content to your target audience. 

By becoming a certified content marketing specialist, you'll have the knowledge and the confidence to develop and execute content marketing strategies that drive laser-targeted audience and predictably generate sales on autopilot.
Here's Exactly What You'll Learn In The Wealth Academy Content Marketing Certification Program
How to create a customer avatar to tailor the content to your ideal customers and effectively market your products and services
How to utilize the power of storytelling to keep the audience engaged with your content and convincingly convey your unique message
How to implement the "SMART" technique to develop a powerful 7-step content marketing strategy that drives customer acquisition
Which content formats will best resonate with your audience and help you generate the most leads and prospects
The content creation process you can follow to turn your big idea into an amazing piece of content that your audience will love
How to increase conversions by developing more personal, and more valuable relationships with your potential customers
Which metrics you need to pay attention to, to learn which type of content your audience interacts with the most
How to generate attention-grabbing ideas and turn them into engaging blog posts (with examples & templates)
How to repurpose your old content into awesome video presentations and reports (with examples & templates) to boost your ROI
How to make the most out of free (social media & email) and paid (Facebook advertising) marketing channels and ensure your content is delivered to the right people, at the right time
How to track, measure, and analyze the results of your content marketing efforts to fine-tune your campaigns and get even better results
Why You Should Get Certified With Wealth Academy
Let's be honest, there are self-proclaimed marketing "experts" and "gurus" around every internet corner, claiming they have cracked the code and can teach you the secrets of content marketing.

So, what makes Wealth Academy different and unique? 

Unlike other certifications and business training that exists in the marketplace, what makes us different is that our training comes with implementation help, so instead of just giving you the theory, we give you ready made actionable templates, swipe files, campaigns that are ready to go. That means you are getting implementation as well as information. We are the ONLY company that is offering this unique service to maximise your ability to get results in rec order timing.

Our digital products and services have and are routinely selling for $10,000 - $25,000. We’ve got thousands of customers buying our high ticket premium priced program.

The certification you’re investing in today means that you’ve saved yourself years of trial and error, mistakes that has in the past has cost us a lot of money, and it means we can pass that direct mentorship to you,, ultimately saving you the most valuable asset you have in your life, TIME! 
This certification has a
real world value: $9,997.00
Normal Investment: $4,997.00
Special Launch Price:
Only $1,497
This Special Offer Ends In:
Choose The Program That Best Fits Your Goals And Get Started Today
Value ($4997.00 value)
4 Extensive Modules.
24 Engaging Video Lessons.
Content Creation Templates.

The Content Marketing
Specialist Certification
1. Certification Exam.
2. Display Wealth
Academy Badge.
3. Printable Certificate.
4. Customer Value.
5. Optimization Specialist
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Wealth Academy 3-Step
Certification Process
Step 1 - Complete The Program
The Wealth Academy Content Marketing Specialist Program provides X hours of top-quality video lessons, along with 3 downloadable templates and the certification exam.

The course is beginner-friendly, while simultaneously providing detailed information on relevant content marketing strategies, making it valuable for business owners, as well as both aspiring and seasoned content marketers.
Step 2 - Obtain Your Certification
Upon completion of each individual module, you will be able to take the online certification exam and get your certification.
Keep in mind that, although the exam isn't designed to be extremely difficult, it does require you to possess a certain level of knowledge on the topic covered by the course material. The passing grade for the exam is 70%, and you will have 3 attempts per month.
You can choose to take the test whenever you feel ready, and can revisit the course material at any time prior to taking the certification exam. If you fail to pass the exam after 3 attempts, you will have to complete the course again, before you can retake the exam.
The exam consists of X multiple-choice questions, and isn't time limited. It is designed to allow you to complete the exam in one 45 to 60 minute sitting, but your answers are saved in case you need to come back and take the test at a later time.
Step 3 - Display Your Badge
Upon successful completion of the course and certification exam, you will receive a printable certificate and a personalized digital Wealth Academy badge.

The badge can be used to display your accomplishment online, in all the relevant places: your website, social media profiles, WordPress blog, email signature, forums and portals. 

In addition, your full-color digital certificate can be printed and framed, in case you want to display your achievement at your home or office.

Wealth Academy is the ONLY online digital marketing certification program of its kind that exists today.
Become A Wealth
Academy Certified  
Marketing Specialist
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If You Enroll Today,
Get Instant Access To:
  • The Content Marketing 
  • Specialist Program
  • 4 Extensive Modules
  • X Hours of Video Lessons
  • 3 Templates
Who Is The WealthAcademy Content Marketing Specialist Certification For?
 Ambitious business owners
who want to grow their business by leveraging the digital marketing world.
CEO's and Marketing Executives 
that are busy and want to “Know” how to get this done so they can delegate to others. Focus on higher leverage activities and focus on what you do best.
Marketing agencies & consultants 
who want to get more clients leveraging the “Best Practices” - what’s working right now.
who want to acquire in-demand skills and land their dream jobs instead of going the normal route to corporate shackles ;-) #backpackmillionaire
Anyone Who Wants To Make Money Online... 
who wants to acquire crucial digital marketing skills for the modern economy, gain credibility and reap the rewards that the newly emerging economy provides…

You simply must take this massive shortcut on the path to being a highly-paid, work-at-home content marketing specialist creator! The market is BOOMING, and I’ll reveal how to tap into it!

What Are The Benefits
Of Getting Certified?
For Individuals:
You will obtain a crucial skill that is in high demand in the online marketing industry.

This will open up new job opportunities on high paid positions, and allow you to advance your professional career.

Unlike others in the industry who simply refer to themselves as "professional content marketers", you will have a certification to prove it, from a renowned, trusted source.

You will learn the exact same systems and strategies we use to create amazing content that drives traffic and generates sales, thought by none other than the founder & CEO of Wealth Academy, Shaqir Hussyin.

In short, this certification is for you if you want to:
  • Advance your professional career (or start a new one in a high paid field)
  • Learn powerful content marketing strategies that are working right now
  • Expand your skill set, and gain an edge over the competition
Come by NOW to register & enroll today.
For Business Owners & Marketing Agencies:
As a business owner, you might not need the certification, but your team and business will certainly benefit from having one.

If you want to ensure that your team in charge of content creation is using the most effective strategies and that you're getting the most out of your content marketing strategy - get them certified!

They'll appreciate the fact that you're investing in them, and you'll be happy to know that they're working at peak performance.

And last, but not least, if you're an agency or another marketing professional, you already know that the certifications instill trust in your clients and set you apart from the competition.

The certification might help you attract higher-paying client, or even charge higher fees for the services you're currently providing.

 In any case, if you want to grow your business and scale your profits, then this program and certification are definitely for you.

Come by NOW to register & enroll today.
Still On The Fence?
Here's The Detailed Course Breakdown:
Module 1:
The Foundation
Lesson 1: 
Introduction To Content Marketing

Lesson 2:
Creating Your Customer Avatar

Lesson 3: 
The Power Of Storytelling

Lesson 4:
Purpose Of Content Marketing
Module 2:
Planning Your Content
Marketing Strategy
Lesson 1: 
7-Step Content Marketing Strategy

Lesson 2:
Your Goal

Lesson 3: 
Your Audience

Lesson 4: 
Your Story 

Lesson 5: 
Formats & Challenges 

Lesson 6: 
Content Creation Process 

Lesson 7:

 Lesson 8:
Module 3:
How To Create
Content Step By Step
Lesson 1: 
Generating Ideas

Lesson 2: 
Content Structuring

Lesson 3:
Blog Post Creation & Walkthrough
Lesson 4:
Video Creation & Walkthrough

Lesson 5: 
Report Creation & Walkthrough

Lesson 6: 
Content Repurposing
Module 4:
How To Promote
Your Content 
Lesson 1: 
How To Promote Your Content 

Lesson 2: 
Social Media

Lesson 3: 
Email Broadcast

Lesson 4: 
Facebook Ads

Lesson 5: 
Measuring & Analyzing

Lesson 6: 
Loyalty & Retention
Become A Wealth
Academy Certified  
Marketing Specialist
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About Your Instructor
Shaqir Hussyin is the founder and CEO of &
Nicknamed the "Backpack Millionaire", he's invested $350,000 into his own education and training.

Whilst traveling to 100+ countries, Shaqir has built over 10+ million dollar brands and attracted over 500,000+ subscribers. His signature program is now available: Max Income System; 14 Simple Steps To Making Your First $120K.

Shaqir is also a highly sought-after speaker and direct response "Sales Funnels" global leader whose work has impacted over 100,000 businesses in 65 different countries.

Connect with Shaqir on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn & FB Group.
Become A Wealth
Academy Certified  
Marketing Specialist
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: "What are the benefits of acquiring this certification?"
A: If you want to quit your job, write your own paycheck for life, you dream of having time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom, you are an aspiring entrepreneur / aspiring business owner that wants to get paid what you’re worth... Remember you get paid the VALUE that you bring to the marketplace. Your income is proportionate to the value provide to the marketplace so if you can get the right mentorship and develop the right skills - you’re on the right path.

If you're a business owner, this certification is a great way to train and certify your team members to ensure that they're using the most effective content marketing strategies to provide MASSIVE value to your target audience and predictably generate qualified leads and drive sales.

If you're an agency, this certification is a tangible way to show that you are a Content Marketing Specialist, which will help you attract and retain better, higher-paying clients or charge a higher fee for your services.

If you're a student, this certificate can set you apart from other graduates with business or marketing degrees. This certificate signals to potential employers that you have a very specialized set of skills that are in high-demand in today's business climate.

If you're an employee or marketing professional, this certificate will drastically increase the value you bring to your company, help you advance your career, and more to a higher-paid position.
Q: "How valuable is this certification?"
A: Firstly – ask yourself why do people aim to go to Harvard, Stanford, Yale and the likes? It carries prestige, credibility, expertise and gives the students and unfair advantage, wouldn’t you agree? Why do people like going or aspire to go and stay in places like Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons.

When it comes to Online Marketing, Wealth Academy is kinda like the Ritz Carlton of Internet Marketing: it carries prestige, credibility, exclusivity, experience, expertise that you simply won’t find anywhere else and is the ONLY company that helps average people become marketing superstars and helps turn them into industry leaders and game-changers.  

The certification itself is highly valuable because you need to set yourself apart from the competition when it comes to succeeding online. With the Shaqir Hussyin’s Wealth Academy certification you’re essentially leveraging a proven brand that has already generated 10’s of millions of dollars in sales to 
jump-start your credibility.

What's far more valuable, however, is the knowledge you'll receive when you take this class and pass the exam. You will know how to create and distribute content that attracts new prospects & customers, which is an invaluable skill to possess. You will be able to place badge anywhere you want,  Website,  Social Media etc... To attract New Clients.  
 Q: " Am I allowed to retake the test if I fail?"
A: Yes, you make retake the test up to 2 times (for a total of 3 attempts). After 3 failed attempts, you will be required to retake the class (which you can do for free) before you can retake the final exam.
Q: "How long do I have to complete the class and take the test once I am enrolled?"
A: The program is entirely self-paced. We understand that life gets in the way, and that just because you enroll today that doesn’t mean you'll be able to finish (or even start) the class this week. And that's perfectly fine! You can take as long as you like. We'll be here, whenever you're ready.
Q: "How long does it take to finish the course and receive my certification?"
A: This class contains X hours of video training, so if you are working at it full-time you could technically complete the class and take all the tests in one day (although we wouldn't recommend it).

To fully comprehend the course material and be able to apply it with confidence, you should allow 3 - 7 days if you are working full-time, and 14 - 21 days if you taking the class part-time.
Q: "Am I guaranteed to get certified if I take the class?"
A: No. A certification that can simply be purchased isn't worth the paper it's printed on. You will have to understand the topics that the program covers, and display a certain level of knowledge upon completion.

If we're going to allow you to display a Wealth Academy badge, you will have to earn it. That's why, in order to obtain the certification, you have to pass the final exam with a grade of 70 or better.
Q: "How difficult is the test?"
A: The test is difficult enough that you need to actually know the materials, but isn't made tricky or difficult in order to prevent you from passing.

That said, the test is challenging and the questions reflect the material we're covering in the course, so you shouldn't expect to be able to pass the test just because you have taken similar courses in the past.
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